A Call to All Freaks

01 Aug A Call to All Freaks

A rant and a call to action for the “freaks” whose hard work is discredited by the “average” who complain instead of work.

A Call To All Freaks

Okay, I’m tired of hearing it and sick of keeping quiet for fear that I’ll be seen as someone who carries on with long diatribes. I guess I must be having an “unusually high testosterone day.”

I’m tired of hearing the “average man ” tell me that I’m not like him and  that I don’t understand his struggles with gaining muscle and getting stronger.

I’ve noticed something. It seems people in today’s culture have stopped trying to imitate and strive to be like those who are at the top of their game – whether it be in sport, lifting or business. The trend seems to be now that those people are the exceptions.  Everyone identifies with the “average man” now and is proud and resigned to call themselves that.

After all, that’s the “average man” is real and far more comfortable than those “freaks” who take their bodies and performance to the next level.

You know of the freaks.

They’re those naturally gifted athletes. Those players that single-handedly break down a defense. The powerlifters and strongmen who lift unrealistic weight.

They’re even the creative entrepreneurs that seems to receive million dollar ideas from the heavens themselves and have “all the luck.”

They’re different, right?

They’re not like everyone else.

You’re damn right they’re not like everyone else. They’re working while everyone else is bitching and moaning about how naturally gifted they are.

I’ve heard it too. I’ve heard guys snicker at me when I’m visiting a gym.

They say I’m different.

They say I can’t relate to them. I can’t understand their struggle with gaining muscle. I can’t understand how hard it is for them to get a new PR.

Well, I have one thing to say to these people.

Piss off.

You weren’t there when I was an eighteen year old kid staying in at night instead of going out with friends just so I could eat another meal before bed; a meal that I had to keep from throwing up because I was already stuffed from the last 5 meals.

You weren’t there when I got up early in the morning while the rest of the world slept in and downed a protein shake before my workout that would take make me gag for five minutes.

You weren’t there when I had to take a handful of aspirin to dull the pain just enough to put myself through another squat session.

And here’s the kicker, I’m no elite Olympic athlete.

They’re different from me. They work harder.

“Average people” don’t want to see the time and pain that the “freaks” put in because they would have to see that their failure to measure up has more to do with them not wanting to stand discomfort than they first thought. It’s true that some have more genetic potential than others and some struggle to get ahead most of their lives but don’t you dare discredit the hard work that those who are genetically gifted have put in to be where they want to be.

I want the “freaks” that have earned that title to stand up and tell the “average man” to shut up and sit down  while they  put in the work that the average cannot fathom

I’m all for a good underdog story but more often than not I root for the guy who already earned his right to be on top and refusesto let some punk take his thrown.

I respect the guy that stays on top and is consistent year after year and refuse the glorify the story of the “average man” who just got lucky because luck has nothing to do with getting and staying on top.

Agree with me? Disagree? I want to know. Let me know in the comments.

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