Jesse, has now returned to competing in Olympic-style weightlifting, but was formerly a competitive powerlifter who claimed multiple powerlifting records in various federations. Some of his best competition lifts include a 600 pound equipped bench press and a 655 raw deadlift.



Jesse is a former Division 1 strength and conditioning coach. He worked as the head strength coach of three teams that were conference champions for multiple years during his time with them. He was also an assistant strength and conditioning coach to the Liberty University Football team, during multiple Division 1 FCS conference championships. There he worked under and was mentored by Bill Gillespie, one of the few CSCCa master strength coaches, who has over thirty years of experience that includes time spent with the University of Washington and in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks. During Jesse’s time with Coach Gillespie and with Coach Dave Williams, he got to work with and coach multiple players who went on to the NFL. Jesse has also coached both Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters who have achieved various records of their own and has also been involved in coaching a CrossFit competition team.