JDI Strength Webisode #1 – Tips For Young Strength Coaches

13 Jan JDI Strength Webisode #1 – Tips For Young Strength Coaches





There’s a lot of great coaches and writers that give so much value to anyone willing to listen and read. While I’ve dedicated the better part of this last decade to reading as many books, articles, and training programs on all things strength and conditioning, I’d be lying if I said that sometimes I just can’t bring myself to open up a book or read a long article after a long day of work.

Sometimes I just want to end my day with something a little easier to digest. Luckily these same great thinkers are now making short instructional videos on just about any topic you  can think of. You can still learn some small thing at the end of the day without having to strain your tired eyes.

I definitely take advantage of all these resources when I’m tired and wanted to do something for everyone who’s been faithful to reading this blog for however long. I get it. Sometimes you don’t want to read my long dissertations on whatever stick is up my ass at the time but you still may want to learn a little tip.

So this is my first short video of tips that about coaching and programming – something that I believe there still isn’t enough quick accessible information out there for.

Can’t promise I’ll do this every week and can’t promise that it will always be focused on coaching or programming but it’s my half-assed effort at giving back. You’ll notice that I took this video on an iPhone and didn’t even know which way to turn it to keep from getting the black on the sides.

But you know…just being all authentic and gritty and stuff…or something.

But truthfully, hope you enjoy.



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