Author: Jesse Irizarry

12 Jan Write Down Your Ideal

Note to reader: I wrote this over the holidays and right before the New Year   Around a year and a half ago, I got really involved with journaling. I started a daily practice where I’d not only journal thoughts and reflections but also track my progress...

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10 Dec Improve The Front Rack For Better Clean and Jerks With James Wright | Just A Moment With The Coach

James Wright, owner and head coach of Chasing Kilos Weightlifting and owner of CrossFit Prospect Heights in Brooklyn New York, joins Jesse again and shows some real quick techniques to improve flexibility in the front rack position for front squats and cleans. Sorry for the poor...

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15 Nov How To Do Reverse Hypers Without A Machine | Just A Moment With The Coach

The reverse hyper exercise has been used by Olympic Weightlifters and Powerlifters to strengthen and protect their lower backs and build up the entire posterior chain. But these machines can be pretty pricey and most gyms and CrossFit boxes don't have them. If you still...

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