12 Jan Write Down Your Ideal

Note to reader: I wrote this over the holidays and right before the New Year   Around a year and a half ago, I got really involved with journaling. I started a daily practice where I’d not only journal thoughts and reflections but also track my progress...

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24 Jun Willing To Seek

I’ve never been too quick on the draw. It takes me pretty long to learn valuable lessons. Lessons in my training, coaching, and in my personal journey. I’ve spent the better part of two years actively trying to figure out what drives me, so that...

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28 Nov Screw What Your Body is Telling You. What’s Your Mind Telling You? | JDI Strength Webisode # 15

My buddy Joe came by the gym the other day to train with me. Joe has a similar background to me. We both came from college strength and conditioning and have both trained with some top powerlifters and coaches. I've been nursing a bad shoulder for...

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