10 Nov How To Use The Safety Bar Squat To Dramatically Increase Your Deadlift | Just A Moment With Coach

This week, Jesse explains how you can use the safety bar squat to get you stronger for the deadlift. He goes over the exact method that put over 100 pounds on his deadlift. Check out the T-Nation article about this he wrote a while back:     ...

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28 Oct The Biggest Key To Success In Powerlifting With John Gaglione | Just A Moment With The Coach

Today, John Gaglione joins Jesse to talk about what he's found to be the biggest key for long term success in powerlifting and in coaching. John Gaglione is owner and head coach at Gaglione Strength in Long Island, New York. He coaches a powerlifting team of...

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27 May Just A Moment With The Coach | How To Improve The Hip Thrust And Keep Lower Back From Injury

Often times we see lifters who have either recently hurt their backs or knees from bad mechanics or have chronic low back or knee pain from a previous injury.  Often times the glutes and the rest of the hip stabilizers have some kind of dysfunction which...

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