04 Sep Is Strengh god?

Is Strength god?   [caption id="attachment_751" align="alignleft" width="300"][/caption] Nope, this post isn’t about religion but it is about dogma. Specifically, it’s about the dogma on both sides of the argument as to how important strength is to athletic development.There’s the strength coach, no doubt burly chested with...

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22 Aug The Value of Buddy Drills – A Lesson From Beginner Level Wrestling

The Value of Buddy Drills - A Lesson from Beginner Level Wrestling      This is a guest post from my friend Nick Knowles. Nick is a former  Division 1 wrestler who's accomplishments include: NCAA Division 1 National Championships qualifier, east regional conferenece champion, all-american (runner-up) at NCWA national championships. He...

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05 Jun Tempo Training – The Natural Way

Tempo Training - The Natural Way   [caption id="attachment_685" align="alignleft" width="368"] Photo:[/caption]   I’ll confess it. I don’t assign tempos to lifts for my athletes or for myself. This may be heresy in some circles but it annoys me when I see someone without a great deal of experience doing...

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