26 Oct Minimalist Strength Training For The Busy Lifter – A How To Guide

by Nick I've learned some things during my time as a personal trainer: To be the top tier trainer in your area, the majority of your clientele ought to be financially successful people. Financially successful people usually don’t spend their lives in the gym. Financially successful people pay you the big...

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17 Aug How Nick Went From a Debilitating Back Injury To Increasing His Deadlift By 135 Pounds

Note from Jesse: It needs to be mentioned that in 2011, Nick had to sit out a wrestling season because of a fractured L4/L5 (that's in the spine for those unfamiliar with anatomy). During his rehab, he was told not to do any weight training that involved...

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25 Feb JDI Strength Webisode #5 – Special Guest Explaining Mobility

  [caption id="attachment_1357" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Photo:[/caption]     Today I have a special video post. Going to show you a practical tip on some soft tissue therapy and mobility techniques that can keep you training hard and free from injury or help you resolve some nagging pains. Got my...

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