15 Nov How To Do Reverse Hypers Without A Machine | Just A Moment With The Coach

The reverse hyper exercise has been used by Olympic Weightlifters and Powerlifters to strengthen and protect their lower backs and build up the entire posterior chain. But these machines can be pretty pricey and most gyms and CrossFit boxes don't have them. If you still...

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27 May Just A Moment With The Coach | How To Improve The Hip Thrust And Keep Lower Back From Injury

Often times we see lifters who have either recently hurt their backs or knees from bad mechanics or have chronic low back or knee pain from a previous injury.  Often times the glutes and the rest of the hip stabilizers have some kind of dysfunction which...

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24 May Just A Moment With The Coach | How to use a weight belt correctly for weightlifting and powerlifting

Jesse shows you how to properly use a belt for squats and other lifts and explains why most people use them incorrectly.   Photo: Donny Shankle. If you're anywhere near San Jose, CA and a serious weightlifter check out his new weightlifting gym - http://www.donnyshankleweightlifting.com/...

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