For Just $50/month You Can Be a Part of a Team

The lifters at our gym JDI Barbell continually improve day after day and month after month not just because of our coaching or programming. They keep improving because they all make up a supportive group of like-minded individuals that constantly challenge, push, and root each other on.  Everyone is there to not only have a great time, but to work hard and make themselves just a little better than they were yesterday.

But don’t take our word for it, check out our lifters for yourself on our Instagram:

But we wanted to provide this same kind of community and team for those who don’t live in NYC and don’t have a home of their own. We’d like to be that home for you. It may be a virtual one, but it can be just as supportive and just as inspiring. 


We’re Calling it the JDI Online Weight Room 

You will receive the same standard of programming as our lifters in our gym do. Every four to eight weeks we will update the new cycle of training for our three classification of lifters (Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and basic Strength and Conditioning).

You can choose whichever classification/program you’d like to be a part of and everyone will be a part of one Facebook group to build this online community. 

The idea is for it to be a remote weight room where you come in and do your training on your own schedule and then post your lifts to the group so that the coach can cue you and your teammates can help support you and keep you going.
Everyone is required to post 3-5 videos of varying lifts each week to the FaceBook group. The coach  will critique them and team members may provide encouragement to one another and even help push each other in a positive manner.
There’s no short of coaching groups or online programs to choose from so we’d like to actually take the time to answer all of your questions. Fill out the form below, tell us what your interested in, and ask us any question you may have.
And check out our lifters at JDI Barbell and our results to see if we’re worth it. We have physical evidence behind our claims and I encourage you to seek it out.
I hope you’ll take the first step to being a part of something that will give you more strength.


If Group Coaching Isn’t For You, Fill Out our Form Below To Apply For Private Online Coaching

This isn’t your last will and testament. Coaching includes a flat monthly rate and as long as you give adequate notice, you can cancel at any time.

This includes:

-Weekly feedback from coach and athlete

-Mobility and movement prep drills

-Weekly video analysis of videos of your lifts that you will send your coach

– Access to come train in-person with the JDI Barbell athletes and lifters whenever visiting NYC

-Competition Prep


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