Don’t Be Old Fashioned, Be Timeless

23 Dec Don’t Be Old Fashioned, Be Timeless

You know them when you see them. When you see a movie with one of them in it or read something they’ve wrote, you get a feeling. It’s a feeling of admiration, but also an empowering energy to feed off. They’re the tough guys. They’re the authentic souls who created their own path.

Actors like John Wayne, who fashioned his personal life to reflect the consistent persona he played on screen. Writers like Ernest Hemingway who created his art on his own terms. Guys like Frank Sinatra who said he would do things his way and truly did.

They’re usually called the old-fashioned guys. They all shared qualities we like to call old-fashioned like grittiness, leadership, and an uncompromising belief in their purpose

Some of us still believe in the importance of these qualities and look to these guys as inspiration. None of them were angels to be sure. They all had their fair share of flaws and shortcomings, but no more than any of us if we really stopped to examine our lives and actions

But these men don’t possess old-fashioned qualities like we may think. We aren’t drawn to them because they are old-fashioned.  We’re drawn to them because they’re timeless.

These qualities have been and will always be in the wild heart of men.


Never Out of Fashion

Today, any man who takes the time to think what his values are and goes to work following his self-determined deepest purpose, refusing to take shit from anyone along the way, is called old-fashioned. If he refuses to quiet down and fit in but instead lives a life of gritty hard work with uncompromising values and purpose, he’s given this label.

Some will give him this label to try to shame him into acting like everyone else, but if he truly possess these qualities he won’t pay these people much mind. He knows that these qualities weren’t unique to his grandfather or great grandfather’s generations but rather they transcend any ideology or time period.


In This Moment

Close your eyes and settle your mind. Trace your thoughts back to their origin. See where they go. You may find that they come from nowhere and return to nowhere. That “me” behind your eyes isn’t as distinct and individual as you imagine. Situations and circumstances have influenced the way you think and react but you are not your thoughts. Perceptions can be changed and you can grow beyond the need to constantly satisfy your ego

Now forget yourself for a second and instead realize that you have the DNA of countless men before you who blazed new trails, fought for food, freedom, and land. Went their own way. Gritted their teeth and survived brutal winters and harsh summers with limited food and water.

This spirit, this innate will to not only work and survive but move forward and conquer is in you. It’s not a commonality of men of a certain time period, it’s one of all men and women who have descended from those that fought to live.

So before we spend another second whining about our situations and wasting time on useless distractions, let’s remember that we’re all old-fashioned and live lives with passion and purpose that are worthy of the gift we’ve been given by those that came before us.


Something to think about as this year comes to a close and next year begins. Happy Holidays and thanks for reading.


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