Don’t Waste Your Money On Useless Supplements

12 Mar Don’t Waste Your Money On Useless Supplements

8056276There’s a lot of guys that waste all of their money on powders that do nothing but make them break out — even after they piss most of it out. Simplify your life and learn what vitamin and food sources have the kind of nutrients that will actually give that boost in your training and life that you’ve been looking for.

Don’t Waste your Money on Useless Supplements

No the powder in this picture is not an illegal substance – just creatine. Have I used creatine? Absolutely, and I still do. Have I used other supplements? You bet. I’ve said it before though and I’ll say it again – I really don’t know much about all the new supplements these days and I don’t care to learn. I’m not saying there’s not great stuff out there that can help you build muscle and get stronger but I like to stick to the basics and get most of my nutrients from food and a few basic supplements.

So here’s my short list of 3 “supplements” that you may not have considered to help improve overall performance: (and yes I’m obsessed with lists)

Vitamin D3

The recommended dose for adults is said to be 200-400 IU a day, but editor at , Chris Shugart, says that experts in the field “suggest” 1000-5000 IU a day.

I personally did not start feeling much of an effect in my attitude and levels of fatigue until I started taking at least 1000.
This is something that should be checked with a doctor though as there is no actual RDA.

Just a side note: This vitamin, as with any vitamin or supplement, is best taken as a capsule rather than a pill. Your body absorbs a much higher percentage of a capsule than a pill. Your body has a much harder time breaking down pills.

Why take D3?

Long story short, your body produces this from being in sunlight. Ever wonder why most people feel better about themselves in the summertime and get a little down in the winter? It’s the lack of sunlight exposure leading to the lack of Vitamin D production.

Even in the summer, most people aren’t getting enough vitamin D. Most of your body has to be exposed to sunlight most of the time in order to produce enough. And red states be damned, the government has not approved my proposal to allow public nudity.

Vitamin D not only improves mood but has been shown to increase energy and increase lifespan. Long energetic life isn’t important though if you’re not pushing heavy things and winning at something. Am I right? Many people also seem to get stronger and have an easier time improving their body composition in the summer as well. There have been studies to show this and they have shown that this is because of the increased Vitamin D production.

Eat Almonds

Almonds have good levels of zinc, vitamin E and omega fatty acids. If you don’t know what these do, you should. Unless you are a big green angry genetic freak, you will not get very far in your journey to an optimal physique and performance level if you have low levels of these.

Zinc can help raise and maintain testosterone levels. Vitamin E increased blood flow. Omega fatty acids help keep body fat down and helps the body use the nutrients it gets from food better for muscle building.

Eat Blueberries

This is my little blue pill. Think I’m kidding? Try it for a couple of weeks and tell me that you honestly don’t want to perfect your hip thruster technique at the neighborhood gym. I realize that this reference might be lost on some of you but YouTube hip thruster exercise and you will get the idea.

How much?

It’s not how much but what kind and quality. The main thing to remember when buying blueberries is to look for frozen ones. Most “fresh” fruit that you see in grocery stores have been sitting a while before it is even put in the store. As a result, its lost some of its nutritional value.

Frozen blueberries are taken straight from wherever they are grown and frozen immediately. Because of this, it keeps the freshness and ultimately the nutritional value.

Why eat blueberries?

Besides the recreational help that I have so subtly hinted at, blueberries help general production of testosterone and insulin sensitivity. So it makes you a burly barrel chested warrior who arm wrestles grizzly bears but still helps you keep your body fat down to fit into your favorite pair of skinny jeans. I mean really if it isn’t so skinny you can see the veins in your legs and nether regions, then what is the point of buying pants?

Insulin sensitivity is one of the most important factors when it comes to building muscle without increasing your body fat. Blueberries increase insulin sensitivity so you can actually absorb and use the nutrients you eat. They also have an incredible amount of antioxidants to keep you healthy so that you can keep training.

I would make the blue pill reference again but if you’re anything like me anything that helps in that department is as good as bought.

Know of any other natural sources/foods that are great for muscle building and performance? Let us know in the comments.

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