Finally Fix Your Snatch “Catch” | JDI Strength Webisode #21

12 Feb Finally Fix Your Snatch “Catch” | JDI Strength Webisode #21

Take it from me, I speak from experience. If you can’t get in the correct positions for the Snatch and Clean and Jerk or you’re missing mobility in any part of the system, no matter of drilling will help. In fact if you’re already strong and you push the lifts too hard and too soon you’ll end up with some long-term problems that are pretty hard to fix.

If you don’t get hurt chances are you’ll still end up with some pretty bad movement patterns and compensations that leak strength and power and keep you from being able to move and support the top end weights you’re capable of.

Joe Amberlock is back on this week’s video with an incredible drill that builds mobility AND stability in the receiving position or “catch” in the Snatch. It can change how you lift. It did for me. Check it out.


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