For The Love Of Lifting

01 Mar For The Love Of Lifting

For The Love Of Lifting



Love of LiftingA little late for Valentines Day but this is my post on love..Do you remember when you first lost yourself in the weight room? Maybe it happened a long time ago, maybe it hasn’t happened yet.  You would go train and lose track of all time. Nothing else existed outside the gym. You’d think about your next workout when you sat in class, at work, at home. You’d think about how much better you wanted to be. After all, you were seeing changes in your body and performance every day. You saw your goals being achieved right before your eyes, whether that goal was to be better at your sport, better looking with your shirt off for women or just the biggest, strongest guy you knew.

The goal was always important to you but the process is what set you free. You may have known half of what you do now but there was something pure about the way you attacked the weight. You did the best you could with the information you had.

If I’m talking about you, I understand. I’ve been you. The weight room was my escape. I put on some good music and time stood still. I pushed myself harder, in some ways, than I do now because I had no idea what I was doing to myself. There’s both good and bad to that for sure but my passion was pure. All I knew for sure was that every time I took a step in the gym that I sure as hell was going to get better.

I wouldn’t leave until I did.

I would have marathon lifting sessions with my first training partner who first helped me spark my passion. We would constantly compete with each other and, misguided as we may have been, we loved what we were doing.



Bodybuilder he may be, but he’s doing ok for himself now

Bodybuilder he may be, but he’s doing ok for himself now



Education Confuses

A few months back, I decided to lose some weight after I bombed out at the USAPL bench press nationals. I had felt a little burnt out and wanted to tear myself down to build myself back up.  I lost a good deal of weight and had a calculated plan on how I was going to fix my imbalances and program every minor detail for success.

Since my early marathon lifting sessions, I’ve learned a ton of the science and art of strength and conditioning and programming. I precisely lost my weight and came to every lifting session with clear goals and calculated numbers.

I had a problem, though.

I had a bunch of knowledge and great methods but no passion. I feel like Usher… this is my confession…

I would show up to the workout not wanting to even be there. I would leave with a sense of emptiness and disinterest. Truth is I didn’t even want to lift. I treated lifting as a calculated science experiment.

A good friend of mine called me out on it. I had every excuse in the book for not pushing myself and they were just that — excuses. My younger less educated self, yeah, he’d call me a pussy.


Embrace The Moment

I took what my buddy said to heart. He told me he wanted to see the kid who only cared about the workout. So I did just that. I embraced the process again, the moment. One day, I went off track in my training. I blasted my headphones again. I went after weights with disregard for my safety. I made myself uncomfortable.  I blinked my eyes and almost three hours in the weight room had passed.

Some people will say that workout was a waste. That testosterone decreases after a certain time. That the nervous system would be impaired. I would agree with those people, but I did something more important. I lifted because I wanted to. I lifted because I loved it and although I will continue to use my brain and experience in planning out my workouts, I’ll keep training because of the love. The love of those moments. The love of lifting.


What about you? How much do you love it? When was the last time you were passionate in your training?




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