Get Your Rhythm – A Pontificating Post On The Best Time A Day To Train

06 Dec Get Your Rhythm – A Pontificating Post On The Best Time A Day To Train

Get Your Rhythm – A Pontificating Post On
The Best Time A Day To Train
IMG_2072-2Is there a best time of day to train? If there is, what’s it based on? Voice your opinion
on this open discussion!
This post will be short, sweet and to the point and it’s more of a call to discussion than an informative lesson. That means that I want to hear your opinion and see what time you prefer to train and why. Let me know below in the comments.I recently sat through a short presentation given by my colleague, Colin Dugan, who’s been featured on the blog before talking about weight loss techniques. His presentation was all about sleep and he included the Circadian Rhythm in one of his slides.

Strong As The Day is Long
What stood out to me was the time of highest testosterone secretion as opposed to the time of greatest cardiovascular and muscle strength.Most young lifters, as well as a fair share of older more experienced ones, prefer to lift in the evening. They claim that their bodies feel more “warmed up” from all of the activity throughout the day. Others claim they just feel plain stronger.According to the above picture of the Circadian clock, a healthy
person who keeps a consistent schedule of going to bed around 10-11 pm and
walking up around 7-8 am has the greatest muscular strength around 5p.
Ironically enough this is when people get out of work, school or whatever else
they do in their day and crawl into the gym.The “warmed up” feeling may be due to the neuromuscular system
firing optimally at this point.
Slave To Our Hormones?
I learned years ago from a competitive lifter that the best time to train was 2 hours after you wake up in the morning. He based this on the contingency that you woke up around 7-9 am. He said that your testosterone peaks at this time and your body is warm enough to handle the stress.Years later, I had confirmed this in my mind because of research that I had read that confirms that testosterone does in fact peak at this point and because all the personal success I had in training at this time.Again, looking at the clock above, highest testosterone secretion occurs at 9 am and I consistently woke up anytime from 6:30 am – 7 am.Now, my question is— what’s optimal for the trainee in the long-term? I’ll still hold to the notion that training two hours after you wake up is best because if testosterone is high, focus, post-workout recovery and strength output are all high.Unfortunately, a lot of lifters and athletes aren’t in my position where they can lift whenever they want and most plan it around their schedules but my question stands:What’s your favorite time to train and why? Let us know below.


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