How To Gain 3 Inches on Your Vertical Jump in Six Workouts

28 Jun How To Gain 3 Inches on Your Vertical Jump in Six Workouts

plyopicture  World record holding powerlifter and former D1 football player, Cameron Gillespie,    returns for another guest post to share some jumping techniques and tricks that everyone should know.

How To Gain 3 Inches on Your Vertical

Jump in Six Workouts


Jumping three extra inches could be a critical factor in whatever sport you play. For me, adding three inches in two weeks to my vertical was a 10% increase in my jump height.

Imagine what a difference a 10% increase can be on and important aspect of your game. Think about what it could mean.

You missed that catch by an inch, two weeks later that same catch is now routine.

Likewise, do you think people won’t notice how much higher you’re jumping up to that rim?

Do I still have your attention?

If so, here’s how to easily gain 3 inches on your vertical jump within 6 workouts.

The Marker

•   Have something marked to measure the height of your jumps

•   You should keep increasing the mark every workout

Test to see how high you can jump by jumping up and touching a rope. Tie a rope to two opposite ends and make some sort of marks into the rope to test how high you’re jumping. Measure the height of the mark.

I made knots in the rope as my marker. My last mark was at 10 ft. which was my goal. I have an 88 inch reach, so touching the knot for me meant touching the rim with a 32 inch vertical. I would have to improve 3 more inches.

Depth Jumps

•   3-4 ft. Box

•   Don’t bounce!

I took a 4ft. high box and stood on top of it. Next, I let myself drop in front of the rope in a vertical jump stance with my arms back. I did not bounce as this would defeat the purpose.

As I landed, I absorbed the force of my fall and quickly swung my arms up and jumped as high as I could. I did this 30 times.

Don’t worry, it was easy and fun to compete with myself but be careful with landing from the box as this can cause injuries. I constantly kept touching higher and higher and had to move my box.

After awhile, I found that it took me about 20 jumps before I would reach my peak height when jumping. So next time you test the vertical, don’t think that you have to save your legs and only warm up with a couple of jumps. It takes awhile to reach your peak.


I did 30 depth jumps in about 15 minutes. I did these 3 days a week, for only 2 weeks which is only six total workouts. I actually used this routine to warm up for my actual workout, it’s easy and effective.


1. Stance

2. Arm swing

3. Chin

4.  Hips

During all 30 jumps, I was constantly trying to perfect my technique. I tried to find where my stance would give me the most power and how how hard I should swing my arms down and back up. I found that the faster I swung my arms and body down then the faster I would come off the ground.

Here’s is a little tip I picked up from Chip Smith, one of the top NFL trainers in America. Chip Smith has trained more than 200 current NFL players including Brian Urlacher and Champ Bailey.

In my opinion, he runs the best NFL Combine preparation program in the nation, so you might want to listen.

Use your chin to create more momentum. It’s almost cheating. Think of your chin like an extra limb that can create more momentum going up. Before your jump, tuck your chin in and as you jump up launch your chin up as hard as you can.

Another tips is to use your hips more than once during the jump. I found that I had enough time to use my hips again for extra momentum in mid flight. Every time I did it, I gained an extra half inch. Explode your hips up twice within one jump.

Now, get jumping.


Cameron1Cameron Gillespie is a former Division 1 football player and current world record holder in the bench press & deadlift. Cameron is the son of Bill Gillespie, a renowned collegiate strength and condition coach and powerlifter. Both Cameron and Bill share world records in powerlifting and are currently the strongest father & son in the world.

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