How To Know When To Push Through a Bad Workout or Back Off

29 Sep How To Know When To Push Through a Bad Workout or Back Off

It’s one of the most frequent questions I’m asked. Athletes of all kinds want to know when they should push through a bad workout or walk away from it. Sometimes you feel absolutely terrible and every part of you is telling you to stop but your coach has ten more sets programmed for that day.

Sometimes, as John Broz puts it, the body lies. There are days you will feel terrible when you start training but you should push through. Sometimes if you can ignore that first temptation to stop you’ll have a great day. Sometimes you won’t. Sometimes you should stop. But there’s a lot of confusion as to how to figure this out.

That’s the question we answer in today’s videocast. I caught up with my buddy Joe Amberlock who worked as strength coach for hockey among other sports at the same university I worked at. We trained and started discussing all this and I decided to tape it and share it with all of you. We go on some tangents and quality isn’t great (had to cut some out because there was talking in the back) but it has some good tips for those unsure about this topic.


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