It’s Too Easy To Eat – NOT A Nutrition Article

19 Dec It’s Too Easy To Eat – NOT A Nutrition Article

It’s too easy to eat… Or maybe it was: It’s too easy to find food…. I can’t remember….

I heard the phrase from a podcast host a few months ago during a particularly manic phase of mine where I tried to listen to as many developmental and creative thinking podcasts as possible. The motto really got stuck in my head. I thought about writing a blog post right away about what it meant to me. But I didn’t. I let the idea sit. The speakers on the podcast discussed what the words meant to them. I think the host of the show was actually quoting someone else. They were commenting on how things aren’t so great because we don’t have to earn or work for the metaphorical it the way we used to.

They aren’t wrong. We’re all pretty sure that the entitlement of our youth will corrupt culture and crash our economy. Everyone talks about it. It’s all the rage. Funny though, the talking doesn’t seem to be changing it. Contrary to that, it seems to be getting worse. More entitled kids with an unreasonable view on what it takes to garner some sort of achievement pop up everyday. Must be those entitled parents whose own parents shielded them from difficulty as well. We should probably talk at them some more. That’ll get them to change. That’ll solve the problem.  

Truthfully, I was planning on writing and emotionally charged blog post right after hearing that podcast on how everyone is slothful and unappreciative and then probably relate it back to lifting weights somehow. I’m glad I didn’t. I’m glad I let the idea sit and instead tried to actually live with the idea more before trying to make it my own. I really hadn’t bridged the idea of it to how it relates to my own life and actions yet, and so I really didn’t have any business talking about it.

But that’s the issue in all of this isn’t it? That’s why we talk at people and people talk past us. That’s why you’re claiming I’m the problem while I’m claiming you’re the problem and neither one of us are hearing each other do it. So that’s what I’ll write about instead. And sure, I’ll relate it back to lifting weights so you buy something from me. This is why people are lazy, sick, and weak.


All Prophets and No Heroes

Enough attention has been brought to everything under the sun. We know what the problems of today are. Environmental, psychological, spiritual, social, physical, we’ve been made aware of it all. Enough has been said, enough has been discussed.

We like to recall the “prophets”, both old and new, who first called a particular issue to our attention. We like to talk about what their words meant. Think of Bob Marley singing about the destitute areas in Jamaica and how love and music could be used to alter all of this. Supposedly there are college courses, somewhere, discussing his song lyrics. Tupac’s too. Or so I’ve been told.

Maybe these aren’t great examples for you. Fill in prophet with whatever your favorite author or poet is — Dostoevsky, Niche, Maya Angelou, the late and great Mr. Rogers.  Our prophets called attention to the current state of affairs. They removed the veil, to borrow religious language. And many of them lived their lives as examples as to what a life devoted to the best good they could imagine was.

But where are the leaders to come after the prophets that provide example and show what must be done in sacrifice and dedication to a cause larger than their personal gain? Where are the leaders that embolden others through the model of their actions rather than words?

The words spoken by those discussing these things rather than leading through personal action hold no power. There is no force behind them because the person speaking them has not lived a life exploring the limits of their own power and their own discipline to manage themselves first before beginning to influence the world around them for good.

It is too easy to eat. Things are too readily available to us. Many of us have become soft and entitled. Great, we’ve identified the problem. Good for us. Good for me for writing this. But what follows after I walk away from this computer is the only thing that matters. It’s the only thing.


Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be… Be one.

            -Marcus Aurelius

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