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05 Feb Just This Moment

Just This Moment



If you’re a trainee with a clear purpose and focused goal, you’ve no doubt been annoyed and infuriated by the guy in the gym texting on his phone or doing a crossword puzzle (actually have seen this). He sits on a bench spending more time moving his fingers than he does anything else while he’s there.

But, let’s put aside the hyper-pseudo –masculine aggression against his laziness and lack of respect for all things hard work, and instead discuss the reason why this should really bother anyone with a shred of emotional maturity.

In years past, I would’ve been pissed at seeing this kind of display because he was sullying my sanctuary or hard work

Yes, these are the words that would probably have gone through my head once upon a time.

He was taking up space that serious men and women could be using to prepare their bodies for a war that would never come.

But now, although I don’t allow it to bother me, that kinds of action irritates me if I choose to dwell on it for a different reason — a far more important one . The irritation to me is that a guy like this doesn’t respect the moment that he’s lucky to be living in and is instead constantly preoccupied.

This mindset is a cancer in our modern day. It leads to unfulfilled life, crappy relationships, and boring, weak men who exist but don’t live. This cancer is being passed from man to man to woman and is making us a passive society with no sense of passion for life.


The Problem

It would be less unsettling if it was uncommon to see the crossword gym guy, but he’s in more places than you think and you’ve probably just glanced over him in the gym and out because his actions have become the norm.

He’s guy who texts incessantly between his sets but he’s also the talker who has twenty minute conversations with anyone who will listen about days gone past before finally doing some half-assed set on some machine that barely takes his focus. He’s also the guy whose checking  e-mail on his phone every five minutes when he’s with his buddies or with his girlfriend.

We’re always distracted, and understandably so with all that’s around us to distract. The problem is that because we’re always thinking of the future or the past, these thoughts consume our attention and keep us in a state of “always on” and in constant planning while never allowing for us to just be.

This goes on until we’re at the end of our lives and wondering where our time went. Sobering this may be, but without an acknowledgement and acceptance of mortality, there can be no growth and sense of necessity to learn to cherish the present.


The Practice

There’s no short of writers who give advice on focusing attention to the single moment you’re in. I’ve read these writers suggest just focusing on doing mundane tasks like washing dishes and taking a shower.

But why not use your time while you train to practice this? It’s the perfect time to. That’s why it’s upsetting that people waste this time with more distraction. It doesn’t bother me because they aren’t working hard to be strong or to work hard at their physical development. It bothers me that they’re not working hard to live life of meaning and from the authenticity of who they are.

The weight room is the perfect time to be wrapped up in a moment. You can challenge yourself physically unlike you would anywhere else. So go push your limits and have a focused effort to improve yourself.

By doing this you’ll focus and more importantly you’ll live.



What are some ways that you practice living ? Let me know in the comments.



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