Lasting Principles | Yasha Kahn | Weeks 13-15

30 Oct Lasting Principles | Yasha Kahn | Weeks 13-15

Weeks 13-15 | Training Week/Cycle – Fall Cycle Covering Week(s) 7 – 9


Still hovering around that 100 kilo mark


Highlights of Training Program:

Yasha has been steadily increasing both volume and intensity from week to week and the waves that are done on day 5 are getting heavier, going up to 90% on week 8

Best training session of the week(s):

Week 8 | Day 1 :

Wall Squats 5 minutes

Clean Deadlift + Clean + jerk


Clean Pull+Clean Pull Below Knees


Push Press


Bodybuilding 10 minutes





These weeks were a little funky for me. Had to prioritize what days to do each week because I wasn’t able to train five days a week on either week. But I was focusing on learning some other things like some Muay Thai hitting with my buddy Justin Troy and rolling around a very little bit learning some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not looking to push with any of these but is sure is hell being so bad at something that you don’t even know how bad you are. That’s one of the best parts of the learning process to me.

Luckily for me, Yasha always tells you what days to prioritize on the spreadsheet he releases for each training week so it was easy for me to adjust my training. This is something that I’ve seen from a handful of other coaches and although I haven’t adopted in in my own coaching and programming yet, I’ve seen it to be extremely helpful.

Every coach has a grandiose idea of how their training programs will create flawless weightlifting machines who obey orders and systematically improve through every training session that builds on itself. The younger and more inexperienced the coach the more grandiose.

One day though you wake up and realize that people are not in Soviet Training camps. Not only are your lifters not required to listen to you, and their livelihood is not based on their success in this sport. Most of them don’t even see themselves as sportsmen(women), they see themselves as hobbyists. Even the lifters who make it to the national level of competition, won’t give up a Friday night of drinking if their friends really want them to go out.

Everyone needs adaptability and a plan that can be changed on the fly because we all need to be realistic about our lives. We cannot reorganize everything in our lives for the singular purpose of the success of our weightlifting. And let’s be honest, most people aren’t willing to. So understand this quality in other people and yourself and you’ll create systems and programs and coach in a way that bring about better results simply because of its utility.

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