Lasting Principles | Yasha Kahn | Weeks 16 – December 14th 2018

21 Dec Lasting Principles | Yasha Kahn | Weeks 16 – December 14th 2018


98-100 kilos


Highlights of Training Program:

Yasha transitioned the training into peaking and then back to a general block

Best training session of the week(s):




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I was a beginner lifter then an intermediate lifter, then I switched #barbell practices and became a beginner lifter agin, then an intermediate lifter, than a more advanced lifter, then I switched back and became very much (alarmingly so) a beginner lifter again. Now I’m an intermediate(-ish) lifter again. And that’s fine – cuz the main trait of this level is that I know what I do consistently wrong and it’s the same things consistently wrong. But when it comes to practice -when was the last time you focused on nothing else but being consistently wrong and doing the things you can currently do right deliberately right. That’s what I tried for today. Many sets not shown at each weight. All tried to keep the same speed, the same height of the bar, the same receiving position, the same proximity to the bar, and I slowed everything down to make sure I did just this. #jdibarbell #jdistrength #weightlifting #blameitonmyadd #powerlifting #snatch #practice

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It’s been a very different kind of training cycle and couple of months, and that’s OK. I didn’t fall off the wagon, as I’m prone to do, but instead hopped on a different one. Been working across different modalities of strength even including some Muay Thai training with  my buddy Justin Troy @justinsert. I talk about all this and introduce what I’m doing with Justin in this little video I did.

I’m taking and lateral step and not just focusing all of my efforts on weightlifting training alone. I’m trying to learn the skill of Muay Thai and with that, I’m doing some more powerlifting style training with lots of hypertrophy work.This is a very conscious effort and shift so that my body can adapt, recover, and be a little more protected during this change.

I need to, borrowing an overused phrase, bulletproof my body a little more. I need some more general strength, like the type you gain in more general powerlifting training rather than the very specific training of focused weightlifting. And I need more muscle to protect my joints and make me a little more resilient to this new stressor.

I’ve had a ton of great conversations with Yasha about weightlifting and programming and coaching and all the fine points of performance that can be tweaked in my own lifting and the gaps in my knowledge. But none of that is going to be included in this post. That’s not to say I won’t be releasing for videos of him teaching but rather that they will be included with other people, ideas, and areas of strength.  

I told Yasha I was taking time away from exclusive weightlifting training. So my plan is take the days of training, exercises, and volumes that he sets as priority and just do them as I also mix in powerlifting training, bodybuilding, and Muay Thai.

This isn’t the end of me working with Yasha or the last Lasting Principles with him but it is a little pause of focusing on sharing the training and lessons exclusively from him. In the meantime, I’ll have lessons of my new story with these other facets of strength… More words to be written…

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