Me Manifesto

31 Dec Me Manifesto

Me Manifesto

“This is my public declaration of what this blog is all about to you. I call it Me manifesto and it’s is my voice of dissent with the strength and conditioning and fitness industries as well as with the state of male culture.”

If you grew up in the 90’s like me, you may be familiar with the show Boy Meets World.  If you ever put in some serious work into watching it, like I did, you know that Mr. Feeny taught you all you need to know about life… Period …


One of my favorite scenes is when Eric, the main character Corey’s brother, dreams about what would happen if he lost all his friends. In his dream, he turns into a hermit and has written a manifesto claiming that “all us hermits have one.”

Around 1:20



I recently got a shiny new layout here on my blog and with this change, I though it appropriate to write my public declaration of what this blog is all about to you.

I’ll call it Me manifesto and it’s an attempt to further model my life from the great philosophies and teachings of all that is Boy Meets World.


My Definition

Around four years ago I read an article on T-Nation by none other than TC Luoma, editor-in-chief. The article was titled T-Man Defined, 2008. Check out the article in its entirety sometime if you haven’t already.

A “T – Man” is what TC refers to as a man with high testosterone who is not only a physical alpha male who develops his body for sport or physical dominance, but also one who lives by the “T-Man philosophy.” Every T-Man must follow this code if they are to label themselves this. He must be “committed to building his mind” as much as his body and live with integrity, among other qualities.

He goes on to talk about the qualities of this man. The T – Man makes no apologies for his lust of beautiful women, he has two fully-functioning balls and he’s proud of them but yet he’s very clear of his integrity and respect of these women. He is creative and develops himself as a well-rounded person. There’s more to him than lifting weights.  He challenges himself intellectually. He has a quiet confidence in himself and doesn’t need to show off and prove it. Everyone around him knows he is powerful and he is indifferent towards those who feel the need to tell the world how great they are. His actions are his words.

When I read this article, I was in my last year of college and it had a profound influence on me. It inspired me to read more. Not just books on strength and fitness, but also classic works of literature. I read books on philosophy and personal development, on how to become a better writer, on how to become a more positive person, on how to run a business, on how to develop deeper relationships.


My Message

This blog post and really this blog itself is my voice of dissent with the strength and conditioning and fitness industries as well as with the state of male culture.


To the Industry:

To be blunt, I’m tired of “fitness and strength pros” going off at the mouth about minor details that don’t matter. If a “professional” wants to talk about how turning an athlete’s glenohumeral joint 3 more degrees externally in whatever the hell useless exercise they prescribe is the newest secret to developing athletes, lifters and clients go right ahead.

But don’t get it twisted Mr. Best Rising Name In The Industry, you’re throwing out anatomical terms because you don’t actually know anything about training and developing strength, power, and real movement standards in an athlete.

Your only secret is that you’re “majoring in minors” and distracting people with anatomy terms and useless concepts because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and you don’t want people to find out.

Basics count and everything extra that isn’t proven to help the client or athlete needs to be thrown out of training. We need to get back to just that – training. There’s an art to programming and of course room to keep improving and learning everything there is to know about the human body but not at the expense of the classic ideas and methods that got results to begin with. If you’re really an expert you realize that the other experts know what you know and that sharing actual original ideas to create a combined effort to improve all athletes and educate is where real success lies.


To Today’s Male:

This is also my voice of disapproval with today’s male. If I sound aggressive, it’s because I am aggressive, and I’m damn proud of it. Today’s male is being sapped of his natural aggressiveness and told that he needs to sit down and cooperate with every single person and blindly obey everyone’s “rules” however freaking inane and pointless they may be.

Here’s the truth — aggressive males are successful, driven males. Aggressive males created societies and built cities. Aggressive males live the life that they want not the life that everyone around them tells them they should live.

God forbid a man sticks to his own values and beliefs in today’s world. People around him may get their panties in a bunch and label him as one of “those pig alpha males” who aren’t excepted in today’s “tolerant” society.  Men used to be able to respectfully argue with one another without being seen as intolerant.


My Stand

The feminized male is rapidly replacing the “T-Man” in our culture. The feminized male hides behind his “individuality.” He doesn’t need ambition. He doesn’t need to try at anything because he knows who he is and dammit the world owes him his success. After all, we’re all just wonderful in our own minds and that’s all the counts, right?

I imagine our great, great, great grandfathers would be ashamed of my generation. Men once were physically strong because their survival depended on it. They were mentally strong because there was no place for a man who wasn’t.  Today’s world rejects men who resemble the powerful men of the past and now caters to laziness and comfort.

The feminized male lives in a world that was built by a culture of men that would eat them up and spit them out.

The feminized male hides his insecurities and inadequacy by shouting about how authentic he is to everyone in how he acts and how he dresses.  So, because he doesn’t “conform to societies’ standards,”  he ends up looking just like his more powerful girlfriend rather than the classically dressed men who were truly original in thought and action.





If you want to see someone who really doesn’t care about what people think, go to your local library and check out the twelve year old kid with a pocket protector who spends eight hours a day studying to get into a great school and realize the dream of succeeding in a profession that his parents who sacrificed everything by coming to this country and working twelve hour days imagined for him.

Don’t misunderstand me — I’m not putting down women, sexual orientation, or those who truly are original in thought and action. I’m fighting back against the people who stifle young men’s passion and creativity and tell them that they can’t live life on their own terms because it makes others uncomfortable.

Strong women are wonderful, my wife is one of them.  But she doesn’t try to belittle me, she partners with me and acknowledges that I am a male and not her girlfriend.

Men are put down now and undermined at every turn. If you don’t believe me, pay attention the next time you’re watching t.v. and check how many commercials and programs focus on women and make men look stupid and inferior. I brought this to my wife’s attention and now she’s adamant about bringing it to other’s attention as well.


“JDI Performance”

I picked the name JDI Performance for my blog because my full name “Jesse Irizarry” is almost impossible to spell.  So, I decided to use my initials instead. While I do offer services through this website, “JDI Performance” is a personal blog.

I’m not just here to talk about performance in the gym or in a sport, but also in day to day life. I’m here to discuss the “Finer points of human performance” with you and this includes intellectual pursuits, business and self-development as well as more noble pursuits such as how to dress like a man and how to keep the beautiful woman in your life — be her the girl you’re trying to impress, your girlfriend, or your wife coming back for more. Kidding on that being more noble… but not really.

So share your opinion or just introduce yourself and tell me how you’ve thrown out all the extra crap in your training and in your life and how you live your life for you.


What’s Your Manifesto? Share it in the comments and help someone else out.




Please do not put your URL in the comment text and please use your PERSONAL name or initials and not your business name, as the latter comes off like spam.(Thanks toTim Ferriss and  Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration)


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