My Soapbox Speech

31 Aug My Soapbox Speech

Are you bored with your training? A quick soapbox speech on how to make it fun again.


My Soapbox Speech

There seems to be a great division between how the average person works out in a commercial gym and how an athlete will prepare for their sport. The division does not need to exist in its entirety. Everyone is born with the same ability to adapt to stress.

Before organized exercise classes (and yes even before the Wii Fit), human beings had to run, jump and fight to find a meal and to prevent themselves from becoming a meal. Sports and the exercise programs involved with them are the closest link to our not-so-ancient history.

That’s not to say that the general population should immediately start with a max effort program at a level a collegiate or professional football player has worked well over eight years to achieve. Instead, a smart, safe, basic program should first be implemented in which all postural and muscular imbalances are addressed.

After that, the sky is the limit. People usually get bored with the same regurgitated exercises found in muscle magazines that call for three sets of ten repetitions for every body part imaginable. If those same people would do serious research on the exercise programs that top strength and conditioning coaches write for their accomplished athletes and try it, they would never find exercise boring again.
Hard, yes but boring no.

They could also see similar irrefutable results top-level athletes attain through the constant increase and variation of stress put on the body.   After all, responding to stress is what the body does best.

Have any ideas how to make the gym fun again? Leave it in the comments.

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