Programming Plyometrics

14 Feb Programming Plyometrics

Programming Plyometrics


Almost every Wednesday, I teach a class for my interns. Each week, I pick a new topic from my list that includes everything from injury prevention, to planning a program for a team in season, to how to motivate athletes.

This week, I touched on something that I thought might be helpful not just for strength and conditioning coaches, but for anyone trying to improve their performance. We all know plyos are important but many people have no idea how to program them into our current program so that they make sense. So, while this may be a bit long and detailed for some, check it out if you have some time to kill.

Sorry about the crappy quality and poor sound. The intern who taped this will be punished accordingly…Just kidding…But not really…


Part 1



Part 2



Part 3





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