My Quick, To the Point Warm-Up

07 Apr My Quick, To the Point Warm-Up

My Quick, To The Point Warm-Up


photoLately, I’ve been on an unofficial crusade against wasting time with unnecessary warm-ups and I’m going to keep it going dammit.

This is the warm-up/movement prep. I’ve personally been going through lately before I jump rope or push something heavy to really get warm. Personally I hate wasting time but love getting myself ready to get the most out of my training and priming myself to hit  full range positions. This little circuit seems to be doing the trick for me. Spend a couple of minutes on each movement thinking about 40-60 slow controlled reps going through your existing range of motion. And of course hit both sides.

– Jesse



Any questions about this? Arguments? Points ofdiscussion? Let me know in the comments.



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