16 Aug Satori


The Japanese call it Satori, meaning instant awakening. In Zen Buddhism, this word means sudden enlightenment and state of consciousness and is the goal of the religion. Despite your beliefs, something can be learned from this principle. How many of us live in the future and the past, never really taking a deep breath to live eternity in this very moment?

I’m writing this as I glance at my one week old daughter. My wife and I just had our first child and in this first week since she’s been born, I’ve lived and died in single moments as I’ve held her and looked into her tiny little eyes, living in the present and just that. I’ve learned from her, the joy of being present, something that I’ve tried to master and preach about in the past.

(I wrote this intro over a month ago and have learned to enjoy these moments on an even deeper level)


Alive and Well

Before you leave to find something to read that doesn’t suck the testosterone from you, let me explain the practical aspect of Satori. This whole post won’t be about my daughter — I know that when I was young and single I didn’t want to hear some guy rambling about his kid.

But even though everyone can learn from the blessing that having a child is, this post is about focusing on quality of life.

Most drag themselves through life, doing same menial tasks, thinking the same toxic thoughts, and never get out of their own heads long enough to take an honest look at their lives. To them, living authentically is never a thought that crosses their minds. Some have no idea what that even means.

To me, living life authentically means taking the time to figure out who you are and acting that out. That means discovering your deepest passions. What truly gives you joy and excitement? More importantly, what gives you purpose?



Stop going through the motions and take a moment to breath and feel alive again. Most of what we do is distraction and most of our lives are reacting to external forces. Live the life you want and act out your desires. This moment is all you have.

Do you have some different passions or is there something you’re going to take time to truly enjoy? Let me know in the comments.



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