Taste New Things In Life

21 Jun Taste New Things In Life

Taste New Things In Life


0I’m constantly annoyed by the man with no passion — no surprise there. Thing is, I’m not typically an angry guy. Truthfully, I try not to let much get to me but instead try to enjoy every moment of life not concerning myself with the vagaries and thoughts of every little puke I come across.

When I come across a truly impassionate man though, venting is needed.

So many guys wake up and do the same things, go to the same boring job, think the same uncreative and negative thoughts, live the same boring life with the same toxic habits, walk around with the same weak, scrawny, fat, body, eat the same crap, and drink the same shitty beer (which is of course is most upsetting to my delicate senses).

If you’ve ever been called a beer snob, you know exactly where I’m coming from here. Yeah, bet you didn’t know this was going to be about beer.


Lost The Flavor

What’s with the infatuation with massively imbalanced lifestyles in this culture?  Although imbalanced lifestyles are not unique to our world of strength and fitness, it’s ironically rampant in a culture trying to emphasize overall well-being.

There’s the guy who won’t go for a challenging hike up a mountain and enjoy a sunny day with his beautiful girlfriend because he has a leg day tomorrow (whatever that means) and doesn’t want to tire himself out. He obviously doesn’t realize that that he innately started training so that his body would be strong enough to go conquer mountains, set out on adventures, and secure the lusty affections of the same woman who is begging him to actually spend time with her.

Yeah I was that guy once.

Then there’s the guy who can’t eat a freaking meal with good friends or family because he would rather have one of his gluten free plant-based super smoothies from the cooler he carries around with him making sure everyone sees him doing so that they all know how much he cares about his physical fitness. This is of course done is spite of the fact that eating a balanced whole meal and indulging in moderation is better for him anyway.




Living that kind of life can be its own fulfillment for a while, but we’re not meant to experience the same small, restricted world every day. Trust me, it catches up with you.

Men need to discover, experience new things, create and conquer. When we don’t, we fizzle out and become impassionate and disillusioned.

If we are only defined by strength and fitness just as if a lawyer is just defined by his profession, we eventually lose our love for life and become impassionate and unwilling to learn and experience new ideas and moments and ultimately become a bore.


For The Love

One dimensional people have no other interests than the object of their obsessions. When these people really take stock of their lives, even their obsession isn’t really something they feel passionate towards. I, of course, leave competitive lifters and athletes out of this group as their passion must be all-consuming for them to succeed.

The one dimensional enthusiast, however, who’s defined himself as the strength or fitness guy and ignores other areas of his life does so at times without passion. Instead, he has a misplaced sense of duty and focuses his mind on this one thing leaving no room for curiosity about other activities and hobbies.

I don’t want that and deep down I don’t think you do either. I want to have joy in waking up and enjoying everything I do.

One of my other passions and interests is beer. Before you get ahead of me, I’m not even a heavy drinker. Most of the time I drink beer, I don’t even drink to get drunk. Yes, the “most” is italicized. So why do I drink it? Why does a coffee lover have decaf at night even though they aren’t drinking it to get a caffeine rush? Because they love it. The taste, the consistency, the experience. Beer is my thing.

Now I’m not talking about that cooled down piss that they make in mass amounts so-called the macrobrew, I’m talking about great tasting microbrews from all over the world who take time and effort to use the best ingredients and brewing processes.

These are two exceptional examples of beers that I really enjoy:




Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron













Spend Time Truly Learning Something

My love for great beer started a few years back but has really grown in the last couple of years. Since then, I’ve tasted A LOT of beer from all over the world, read books about brewing processes and different styles of beer that my awesome wife has bought me, brewed my own beer, visited really cool microbreweries and sampled their stuff, and found the best little local shops to buy great brews.

Am I preaching that everyone become a beer snob? No, not really. I mean kinda, but not really. Just add some flavor into your life. Some guys won’t think twice about buying a 15 dollars on a 25 oz bottle of wine but won’t spend a few extra bucks for a beer that has more complexities and flavor than the average red wine.

If you’re a young guy, don’t put crap into his body all the time just to get drunk. Enjoy a good beer every now and then and enjoy the moment. It may be more expensive but it has a higher alcohol content anyway. Don’t be like the rest of your idiot friends.

Check out some brews – http://beeradvocate.com/lists/top

My point is not isolated to beer. It doesn’t have to be beer. Just learn about something else and go out and get new interests. People go through their entire lives never truly learning everything there is to know about anything. Do yourself a favor and take time to figure out what you truly enjoy doing and learn everything there is to know about it. Expand your horizons, experiences, and interests.


Do you have some different passions or is there something you’re going to take time to truly learn about? Let me know in the comments.



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