The Key To Success In Olympic Weightlifting | Just A Moment With The Coach

02 Feb The Key To Success In Olympic Weightlifting | Just A Moment With The Coach

This week Max Aita from juggernaut training systems and Max’s gym in Oakland California joins Jesse and shares some insight on setting process goals for Olympic Weightlifters.

If you don’t already know who he is, Max is the head weightlifting and powerlifting coach at Juggernaut HQ in California working with Chad Wesley smith and coaching high level weightlifters like Colin burns just to name one. He also offers remote coaching to Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters from all over. If you’re interested in learning more about this you can e-mail him at or hop on over to

This video was shot quickly after the second day of the two day seminar that Max just did here at JDI Barbell. This one’s a little different because Max doesn’t demonstrate any technique or other specifics of training but rather explains the most important shift in thinking that everyone needs to be a successful lifter.

Max’s advice is really practical and really valuable as he’s spent about 20 years training and has learned from coaches like Steve Gough and Ivan Abadjiev in weightlifting and Boris Sheiko in powerlifting. In the following clip, Max discusses process orientation or focusing on the end and how that can lead to so much more success. I also added a little clip in the end taken from the seminar of Max coaching how he teaches the top portion of a snatch.

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