Want to Rehab Your Shouler? Stop Wasting Time and Pick Up Something Heavy

10 Jan Want to Rehab Your Shouler? Stop Wasting Time and Pick Up Something Heavy

Want to Rehab Your Shoulder? Stop Wasting Time and Pick Up SOmething Heavy




I remember when I first heard and older lifter talk about doing deadlifts to help reduce his shoulder pain. I thought it was a good joke. The guy was obviously trying to draw attention to himself and didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

He was a big presser and had such bad shoulders that I thought it pretty pathetic that holding a weight that pulled his shoulder down was his version of rehab.

Sometime later, I talked to physical therapist and learned about something called traction. Then I realized that I had been pathetic in my thinking, a recurring theme.


What is Traction

Simply put, traction is basically the separation of a joint surface through the actual action of pulling apart named distraction. If this is done with the shoulder, it creates space between shoulder joint so that the rotator cuff can become un-impinged, alleviating pain and dysfunction.

This impingement s common of those who do a ton of pressing or for those involved in overhead sports.  Methods for this include a qualified professional actually pulling on the arm. Other techniques involve simply holding a heavy loads.  This pulls the humerus down, creating that space.


Farmer’s Walk

You may have heard of the benefits of the famers walk. Increased muscle mass, developer of trunk stabilization, encourager of proper body positioning, overall strength developer, conditioning tool.


But what about rehab technique?


I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to just stand there and hold a weight in my hand for extended periods of time without wanting to do something else. Call me irresponsible with my sacred vessel or some crap like that but I don’t have the patience.

This is where the farmer’s walk saves people like me and you. If you hold proper posture and walk at an even pace, you can reap the added benefits of shoulder traction.

If there is a particular shoulder in need of it, just put the weight in the hand on that side and do a suitcase carry and you can even work on some lateral stabilization.

Me, demonstrating this, many, many, pounds heavier:



Final Thoughts

Most people won’t do drills or practice movement just to restore function and mobility. The farmer’s walk is a great way to work on some restriction while not skipping a beat in your quest to become bigger and stronger.

Just remember that with this, as with everything else, to make sure you set your posture first before walking and don’t use an excessive amount of weight. Quality of position is important here.

Put your shoulders in good position, screw yourself into the ground, squeeze your butt, pull your rib cage down and tense your abs.

After that, let the weight pull some room between that joint and take a little walk.


Any questions about how this works? Ask me in the comments.




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