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We’re part of a community that celebrates the pursuit and mastery of strength, in all its forms. Our aim is to be an impetus for those who set out to join this community, connecting the average with the elite competitors.

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We share something instinctual and familiar – the drive to be strong and capable of defeating any obstacle that stands in our way. With this comes a fulfillment only possible by the dedication and pursuit of this craft of strength.

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“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions.” – Paulo Coelho

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Lasting Principles | Yasha Kahn | Weeks 13-15

Weeks 13-15 | Training Week/Cycle – Fall Cycle Covering Week(s) 7 – 9 Bodyweight: Still hovering around that 100 kilo mark   Highlights of Training Program: Yasha has been steadily increasing both volume and intensity from week to week and the waves that are done......

Lasting Principles | Yasha Kahn | Weeks 10-12

Weeks 10-12 | Training Week/Cycle – Fall Cycle Covering Week(s) 4 – 6 Bodyweight: Back up, steady around 100 kilos   Highlights of Training Program: These weeks were the majority of the volume phase. It started out with a good amount of general physical preparation......

Lasting Principles | Yasha Kahn | Weeks 7-9

Weeks 7-9 | Training Week/Cycle – Fall Cycle Covering Week(s) 1-3   Bodyweight: 99 kilos (going down, and that’s fine…for now)     Highlights of Training Program: These were the three weeks after my competition, I hoped right on the fall cycle because they started......

Lasting Principles | Yasha Kahn | Week 6 – Competition

Week 6 | Training Week/Cycle – Winter Cycle Covering Week(s) 14 (COMPETITION WEEK) Bodyweight: 101.5 ( weighed in at meet at this weight…strange indeed)   Highlights of Training Program: Final week for competition prep, taper week designed to make sure peaking for competition planned for......

Stepping Laterally Up The Mountain (Medium Post)

Doing the work for the work’s sake. Or maybe it’s focus on the process and just the daily work, the daily practice. Not being distracted by all your grand plans that keep you daydreaming rather than taking incremental steps to do better, be better, and......