What A College Strength Coach Really Thinks| JDI Strength Webisode #17

17 Dec What A College Strength Coach Really Thinks| JDI Strength Webisode #17

One of the main reasons I started this videocast was to interview college and professional strength coaches so that more people can hear and learn from them. There are so many amazing and brilliant strength coaches with a ton of experience who no one in the private sector has ever heard of. The main reason no one has heard of these coaches is because they’re too busy coaching athletes to write articles or host speaking engagements. These are coaches working twelve hours daily literally most of the year.


They have no time to talk about what they’re doing because they’re always doing it. With this level or experience, the only people they get to share it with are the athletes, coaches, and interns underneath them. Fortunately because I’ve worked in that sector, I’ve made some good connections with some great coaches. Because of this, I’m in a good position to bridge the gap between them and the private sector or just regular folks. I want to give everyone else the opportunity to learn under these coaches who can’t go to these universities.


Andrew Long is a strength coach who actually worked as an intern and volunteer at Liberty when I was there. He’s since gone on to work at Baylor and now Ole Miss. Andrew is a young coach but very smart and one of those coaches whose voice I want to bring to the world.



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